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Brand strategy

Interviews with managers

In-depth interviews are conducted with managers and business owners. We hear what, why, goals and business history from them. This information will be the first raw data to plan a strategy for your business.

Market research

At this stage, market research, competitor analysis and persona drawing for your business are done.

Brand strategy design

Using the data of the previous stages and analyzing them, as well as using the best and most up-to-date strategy methods such as brand narration, BAV and archetype, your brand strategy is formulated and prepared in the form of a document of at least 100 pages.

Visual identity design

Meeting with managers

If the business does not already have a strategy, managers and business owners will be interviewed first and their what, why, goals and business history will be heard. Of course, our recommendation is strategy based on strategy. That is, the design should be based on the brand strategy document and without applying a tasteful opinion.

Visual identity design

At this stage, we start designing the brand’s visual identity using the previous information. Usually, we finalize at least three designs from the initial etudes and prepare them to be presented to the client in the form of a present file.

Brandbook design

After the final approval of the work by the employer, we start designing the manual for using the visual identity of the brand or the brand book. In it, from introducing the brand and logo, to talking about how to properly use the logo and elements of visual identity in different spaces.

Web Design

Using the brand’s visual identity, we design a website with a dedicated user interface. This website can be a store or a company. The WordPress secure CMS is used to implement the websites designed by us. Download the features file of the company or store site.

Design and production of content

Content production is the best tool that allows you to interact directly and daily with your audience. In other words, content production is one of the best tools for branding. Where you can implement your brand strategy and create valuable experiences for your audience.

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