Content Creation for Bazam Bazi

Art Director: Iman Ashraf

Graphic Designer: Iman Ashraf, Hossein Ghiasi, Mina Karimi

Motion Graphic Designer: Mahdi Rajabi, Iman Ashraf

Content Specialist: Sorour Haghdoust, Soroush Meydanaki

Social Media Administrator: Fatemeh Rezaei

Presented by ZEN Branding Agency


Text and Visual Content Creation in Social Media for Bazam Bazi Mobile Game

Bazam Bazi is one of the country’s most popular mobile games, and it has gained a large community on Instagram thanks to its high number of active users. ZEN Branding Agency created text and visual content for this brand on Instagram with the aim of growing intimacy within this community and developing the relationship between users to the real world outside of the application.

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